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From workshops, to date nights, to couple's challenges, we have a little something for everyone.

O2E experiences are nothing like traditional couples or marriage retreats. This is not therapy. O2E experiences consist of like-minded, amazing couples coming together who have a deeply rooted desire to strengthen their relationship. They are safe small group gatherings with couples ready to invest in the most important relationship in their life. We are vulnerable and transparent, but no-one else has to be. You should be prepared for fun activities and engaging challenges.

What can you expect from an o2e experience?

Typical O2E Experiences consist of first and foremost, human connection. These experiences are rounded out with like-minded couples who want to up-level their relationships. You will connect with a new group of amazing humans and create quality time and space with your partner. 


We cover topics like:

  • Defining core values

  • Finding your passion for life

  • Igniting your physical intimacy

  • Dating your spouse

  • Balancing physical, social and emotional health to show up and be present

  • Positivity and attitude

  • Financial strategies

Those who want to be intentional about their relationship will love our O2E Experiences. We strive to keep our events intimate and personal. For that reason, our events are limited to only a few couples. Life is short. We have one life to live. Don’t settle for ordinary, move to extraordinary.

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