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It’s not the “honeymoons”or the “perfect vacations” that are a true representation of an extraordinary relationships. Our marriage hasn’t lasted almost 29 years because of the “good times” (that’s the easy part). Our marriage has lasted almost 29 years because the challenging and hard times were handled with PATIENCE, CARE and LOVE.

We experience conflict and have disagreements. Every single couple does…but not every single couple survives it. It’s about dealing with conflict and coming out stronger on the other side!!! Doing it together.

What are some tools you use for dealing with conflict??

*Will and I absolutely NEVER go to bed angry. It is NOT an option in our marriage.

*Will and I have differences (we are different), we choose to know, accept and adjust to our differences.

*We actively pursue one another. We choose to remain in a SOLID fellowship DAILY.

*We both have many moments of selfishness!!!—We have to keep it in check. Instead of wanting to be first…we must be willing to be last.

*We both choose forgiveness—no matter how hard we try to always love and please each other, we sometimes fail. With failure comes hurt. The ultimate relief for that hurt is forgiveness.

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