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Spiritual Intimacy: The first letter in S.P.R.I.N.T

SPIRITUAL INTIMACY: The first letter in S.P.R.I.N.T


Sometimes I find the perfect seat, right outside my front door. I close my eyes, lay my head back and feel the sun radiate against my face. Sometimes I find myself talking out loud to God, as I am in my car, driving down the road. Sometimes I lie down on the asphalt at 10:00pm and gaze up at the infinite stars shining in the sky. Sometimes I can not take my eyes off the wild daisy growing on the side of the road. Sometimes I hold a newborn baby in my arms and my entire body tingles. Sometimes my husband walks into a room and it takes my breath away. Sometimes I feel a connection to others that can not be explained with any words that I know. Sometimes I witness joy in my adult children and everything feels right in the world. Sometimes I sink my toes into the white sand, peering out into the ocean and listening to the incredible sound of waves and I lose sight of where I am. Sometimes I watch the love of strangers and my entire body feels warm.

This is all the proof I need that there is a higher power. These moments deepen my relationship with God. These events speak volumes as creation for some of the passion in my life. My deepest core values and my mission come to life with all of these experiences and when I share them with my partner, the connection feels so raw and so real. I think of this connection as spiritual intimacy. One of the most important aspects of my relationship health. When we truly embrace the miracles of life, we are in a state of vulnerability. When we open up that vulnerability and feel truly seen and heard, the closeness it creates between two humans is the tightest bond you can create.

Dig deep, dig real deep. Listen to those messages from your soul. These deep core values that are non-negotiable. These are real and these should help and guide you, steering your path and journey through life.

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